Watch each lecture carefully, then do the exercises for each lecture.



   LECTURE 1  
   1. Who needs accounting?
   2. Accounting principles
   3. Assets and liabilities
   4. Financial reports
   5. Anglo-Saxon accounting
  The Balance Sheet
   6. The Company's Earnings
   7. The Company's Assets and Liabilities
   8. Liquidity and Working Capital
   9. Three Tests to Measure a Firm's Performance
   10. A Typical Balance Sheet
    LECTURE 3  
   The Profit and Loss Account
  11.  Definition of the Profit and Loss Account
  12. A Typical Profit and Loss Account
  13. Anglo-Saxon P&L Accounts
  14. The Operating Income
  15. EBIT and Net Earnings
  16. What the Profit and Loss Account Measures
     LECTURE 4
   The Statement of Cash Flow
  17. Cash Flows
  18. Calculating Cash Flows
  19. Indirect Method of Calculation
  20. The Significance of Cash Flow Statements
    FINAL TEST       Only take the test after you have listened to
      the lectures and completed the exercises.