Watch each lecture carefully, then do the exercises for each lecture.



    The Making of a Nation
  1. The War of Independence
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The Aftermath of Independence
  4. From Independence to Enfranchisement
  5. The Westward Movement
  6. The Reasons for the Civil War
  7. The Anti-Slavery Crusade
  8. The Civil War in a Nutshell
   The Constitution of the US
  1. The American Constitution
  2. Basic Principles
  3. The Bill of Rights
  4. Formal Amendments
  5. Federalism
  6. Federal Powers
  7. The Powers of the State
   LECTURE 3  
   The Three Branches of Power
  1. The Executive Branch
  2. The Ministerial Departments
  3. Congress
  4. The Two Chambers of Congress
  5. The House of Representatives
  6. How Bills are Passed by Congress
  7. The Supreme Court
   The Legal System
  1. The Adversarial System
  2. The Litigants' Rights
  3. Civil and Criminal Law
  4. The Classification of Crimes
  5. Federal and State Cases
  6. Federal Courts
  7. The Courts of Texas
  8. The Criminal Process
  9. Civil Law and Procedures