Watch each lecture carefully, then do the exercises for each lecture.



   LECTURE 1  
    Basic Concepts and Vocabulary
    1. Economic Decisions
    2. The Management of Resources
    3. The Opportunity Cost
    4. The Market Mechanism
    5. What is a Market Economy
    6. Economic Theories
    7. Economic Failures
  Pricing and Competition
    1. The Law of Supply and Demand
    2. Monopolies and Oligopolies
    3. Price Elasticity and Elasticity of Demand
    4. Price Control
    5. What Competition Plays on
    6. Explicit and Implicit Price Discrimination
    LECTURE 3  
   Business Ownership
    1. Types of businesses
    2. Categories of Businesses
    3. Private and Public Investment
    4. Other Sources of Financing
    5. Responsibilities and Formalities
    6. Limited Companies
    7. Companies and Taxation
    8. Pros and Cons
     LECTURE 4:
   Organization and functions
   of businesses
    1. Business Organization
    2. Functional Charts
    3. The Stakes of Business Organization
    4. Production or Operations
    5. Marketing and Sales
    6. Research and Development

     7. Human Resources
8. Finance and Accounts
    FINAL TEST       Only take the test after you have listened to
      the lectures and completed the exercises.