Commerce (import-export) / Business (export-import)

Synopsis export
Missions économiques
Franco British Chamber of Commerce
International Chamber of Commerce
Franco-British Business Association in Bordeaux
AngloINFO Aquitaine
Articles on marketing
Exercises on advertizing
Business Benchmark vocabulary trainer
Sample business letters
Sample business letters & adverts by English Daily (B2)
Free marketing tips
FAQ on wine
Podcasts by Canadexport (with transcripts)
Funny site on starting business
Export-import Management (virtual management)
Solid Waste Management: T. de Praetere (B2)
Bized - learning material (run a virtual factory!)

 Comptabilité / Accounting

Analysing Company Reports
Journal of Accountancy
Accounting basics
Glossary of Accounting terms
Resources for accounting students (B2)
Accouting classrooms
Get-out-of-debt Quiz Show

Gestion du risque / Risk Management

Workplace Safety Tutorial
Florida Disaster Emergency Management

Publicité / Advertizing

Anglo-Saxon Advertizing
Publicité du monde : CulturePub